A new Experience
The big reveal
What actually is THE SECRET? Is it a place, where time is priceless? Where you enjoy your ski or bike holidays in the perfect blend of privacy and socialising.High above the rooftops of Sölden in the new sky bar, in the what-ever-you-want restaurant or in the new spa building. We call it Stay In & Go Out. The Design? Is homage too grand a word? The architecture at THE SECRET reflects the way of life in Sölden – a combination of glacier skiing and cosiness, of modern understatement and selected exclusivity.
Opening 2021 vis-à-vis Gaislachkogelbahn gondola and Bike Republic Sölden.

THE SECRET. A New Experience
Stay tuned!
What would life be like without THE SECRET?

Everything would be nothing without little secrets! They are a treasure that we carry with us. Only a handful of insiders are permitted to follow the path of THE SECRET’s golden seal. This is the code, the gateway, the “open, Sesame” to a fascinating world. What feasts await the senses there? What will your eyes focus on? What materials will you run your hands over? What will your ears tune into? It’s not yet time to lift the veil. But this much is certain. It’s a sense of self, a sense of togetherness, a sense of the here and now. Somehow... crackling more, shimmering more, floating more. A NEW EXPERIENCE.

Have you seen the light and now wish to follow it?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could just be beamed into your favourite place? Certainly. But the journey is exciting too. If new adventures and discoveries await at each fork in the road. The anticipation grows with every step. What will come next? A deer, a person, a mysterious lake? No one really knows. Even less so if chance leads us to new paths. Gives us a little nudge and leads us right into something wonderful. To a place much more beautiful than we had imagined. Put your trust in us. We too will lead you into new realms. Where the moss tickles the soles of the feet and the cool brook bobs on the skin. Or the warm wood paves the way into the day. Welcome to uncharted territory. A NEW EXPERIENCE awaits.

You've taken the first stepand now want to see what’s around the corner?
Episode 3
The tension is rising.
Fire and ice. Earth and air. Active and passive. Movement and rest. Loudness and quiet. Together and alone. Outwards and inwards. These are the contrasts that make up our life. And everything in between. Where are you on this scale at this juncture? At one extreme end? At the centre? Everything is in a state of flux, change and progress. From the cocoon to the butterfly. From the dream to the reality. This is THE SECRET too. Soon, you will be able to view and admire it; the secret. What has always been vague is taking shape. Becoming part of the world, a part of us, part of A NEW EXPERIENCE.

Hang around or bail out?
Hang around!
Do you feel it?
We are now nearly at the end of our secret journey. Just a few more breaths and some mouse clicks stand between the present and the future, between the promise and its fulfilment. You can already feel it with all your senses. THE SECRET is taking shape. It breathes life. Enchants. Inspires. Everyone is talking about it. But no-one has seen it yet. You will be one of the first! So, it’s up to you whether or not it should remain your little secret. And who you permit to become part of this fascinating story. Who will look beyond the mirrors and discover A NEW EXPERIENCE?

Are you ready?
i am!
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Episode 5